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Wall Soundproofing by Hush NYC: The Soundproof Walls Revolution in Urban Living

Sick of the non-stop NYC noise seeping into your sanctuary? Our wall soundproofing services are engineered to give your living space the serenity it deserves. Here’s the blueprint for how we’re going to upgrade your Soundproof Walls game:

Average Cost: $9,000.-$15,000. per room

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Step 1: No Gaps Left Behind: Wall Soundproofing Essentials

First order of business is a comprehensive inspection of your walls for any imperfections—cracks, gaps, you name it. Using acoustical caulk, we seal every nook and cranny, because even a pinhole can compromise the integrity of your sound proof walls. Think of this step as laying the foundation for a fortress of solitude.

Step 2: More Than Just Outlets: Electrical Box and Switch Sealing

Those electrical boxes, low-voltage housings, and even light switches are potential Achilles’ heels in the soundproofing battle. We employ specialized clay pads to meticulously seal these areas, transforming potential sound leak points into fully integrated components of your soundproof wall.

Step 3: Framing Soundproof Walls: Independent Structures for Advanced Wall Sound proofing

The term of the day here is ‘decoupling.’ We install a new, decoupled frame that is entirely separate from your existing wall. It’s like creating a buffer zone, or a secondary line of defense against disruptive outside noises. For those stubborn, heavy-duty NYC sound challenges, we can even double down on the framing.

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Step 4: Insulation for the Informed: Opting for Rockwool SafenSound

Insulation plays a pivotal role in effective wall soundproofing. We use Rockwool SafenSound, filling every cavity to ensure maximum noise reduction. This insulation not only mitigates sound but also offers thermal advantages, giving you the best of both worlds.

Step 5: Density Diversification: The Multi-Layer Strategy for Wall Soundproofing

We’re talking layers, and not just one or two. We apply up to six different layers of soundproofing materials with varying densities—Quietrock, Mass Loaded Vinyl, Concrete Board, and 3/4″ Plywood—to create a robust barrier against sound. It’s like a carefully crafted, multi-layer strategy designed to combat a broad spectrum of noise frequencies.

Wall Soundproofing Prospect Park, Brooklyn Soundproof Walls

Step 6: Finally, Soundproof Walls: Acoustical Caulk, Finishing, and Painting

Last but not least, we seal the deal with acoustical caulk to ensure airtight sound proof walls. Then it’s on to the aesthetic finishing touches: painting and surface finishing to ensure that your wall doesn’t just function better—it looks better too.

By partnering with Hush Soundproofing NYC, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re making a lifestyle choice. Enjoy the newfound peace and quiet, without sacrificing the energetic NYC vibe you love. Your upgraded Soundproof Walls are just a phone call away.