Studio Soundproofing Acoustics, Hush NYC

Studio Soundproofing

Studio Soundproofing Acoustics, Hush NYC

Studio Soundproofing: Achieving the Perfect Acoustics in Your Creative Space

When most people think of studio soundproofing, they often focus on isolating the room from external noise. However, what happens inside the room is just as critical. That’s where the team at Hush and studio acoustics come into play—transforming your space into a balanced sonic environment that’s not just quiet, but also acoustically rich.

The Art of Diffusion

Wooden diffusers are a beautiful and functional addition to your studio. They break up sound waves, keeping the room alive yet taming the echo slightly. The types of wood you choose can also have an aesthetic impact, blending the science of acoustics with interior design. These diffusers add a layer of complexity to your recording studio, that’s not just about blocking out noise, but also enhancing the sound within.

Ceiling Absorption Panels

Accurate playback is crucial for any recording or mixing session. Positioning acoustic panels on the ceiling in the sweet spot helps monitor playback without resonating frequencies that muddy the mix. These panels soak up unwanted reverberations and offer clarity, an essential feature in any serious studio soundproofing setup.

Bass Traps: The Cornerstone of Acoustics

Low frequencies are notorious for gathering in the corners of a room. Bass traps made of dense materials like gypsum, wood, MLV, or mineral wool can significantly help. They capture and neutralize those troublesome low-end frequencies, making your mixing and listening experience more precise and enjoyable.

The Sum of Its Parts

Studio acoustics aren’t just about one solution; it’s about combining various components to create an optimized sound environment. From wooden diffusers and ceiling panels to bass traps, each element plays a critical role in your overall sound proofing strategy.

So, the next time you ponder studio soundproofing, think beyond isolation. Consider the acoustics within the room and how various materials and placements can enhance your creative process. After all, what’s a studio if it doesn’t sound as good as it looks?

Studio Soundproofing, Soundproof Door NYC

Studio Soundproofing: The Underestimated Role of Soundproof Doors

While wall and window treatments are often the stars of the recording studio show, soundproof doors deserve their moment in the spotlight. It’s easy to overlook doors, but they play an indispensable role in isolating sound and ensuring a controlled acoustic environment. So, let’s talk about why and how to choose the right soundproof door for your studio setup.

The Door Specs

When it comes to studio soundproofing, one can’t simply rely on any door. The best soundproof doors come with a high Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating—look for an STC of at least 55. Such doors are generally 3″ thick and incorporate multiple layers of sound-absorbing materials. And if you’re in the world of professional recording, double doors with an air-gap in between, rated at STC 65, offer a near-perfect barrier against sound leakage.

Sealing the Deal

Believe it or not, up to 50% of sound can be heard through a tiny crack on the other side of the door. Sealing these cracks around the perimeter of the frame when installing the door is crucial. Using acoustical clay caulk helps fill in any potential gaps that could let sound escape, ensuring your sound proofing efforts are not in vain.

More Than Just a Door

A soundproof door is not merely a physical barrier; it’s an acoustic shield. While your walls and windows may be top-notch in their soundproofing abilities, a poor door choice can ruin it all. That’s why the door should be part of your studio plan from the get-go.

So the next time you’re thinking about studio soundproofing, don’t forget to add soundproof doors to your checklist. They are the unsung heroes that complete the sound-isolating ensemble, guaranteeing you get the most out of your recording sessions.

Recording Studio Soundproofing NYC Hush Vocal Booth, Control Room

The Magic of Slanted Soundproof Windows

When it comes to studio sound proofing, people often focus on the walls, floors, and ceilings. But what about windows? They can be a hidden game-changer in creating an ideal recording space. In the world of sound proofing, slanted soundproof windows are not just a stylish addition; they’re a necessity for dispersing sound effectively.

Why the Slant?

Let’s cut to the chase: Why are these windows slanted? The answer lies in acoustics. A slanted window disrupts the pathway of sound waves, scattering them and thereby preventing any feedback or distortion from occurring. This angulation doesn’t just add a modern aesthetic to your studio; it’s a pivotal factor in enhancing the effectiveness of your studio soundproofing.

Material Matters

The choice of glass is equally important. When looking for studio soundproofing solutions, opt for double or triple-paned glass filled with inert gases like argon or krypton. Some advanced models even feature a laminated layer between glass panes for additional soundproofing.

Seals and Frames

While the glass takes center stage, don’t forget the frame and seals. Acoustic seals around the window frame are a must. These seals enhance the soundproofing capabilities of the entire window structure, ensuring no sound leakage.

A Final Word

In New York studio soundproofing, every detail matters. From the precise acoustics achieved through wooden diffusers and strategically placed ceiling panels, to the essential door and window installations that keep unwanted noise at bay, each element plays a crucial role. Acoustical Consultant Ned Shatzer and the team at Hush are dedicated to ensuring that your recording environment is acoustically optimized for both soundproofing and superior audio quality. There’s a science and an art to controlling sound in the Big Apple’s diverse recording spaces, and Hush has mastered both

soundproof door nyc automatic door bottom seal

Soundproof Door

soundproof door nyc automatic door bottom seal

Soundproof Door: The Key to Inner Peace in a Noisy City

Imagine living in New York City, and yet enjoying absolute quiet as soon as you close your door. With a soundproof door, this dream can become a reality. Sound proof doors are more than just slabs of wood or metal; they’re meticulously engineered barriers that shut out unwanted noise, enhancing your living experience. Ned Shatzer and the team at Hush understand this all too well. Let’s dive into the technicalities.

Understanding STC Ratings

An STC 55 door, typically three inches thick, can dramatically reduce external noise, providing an atmosphere conducive for relaxation, concentration, or creativity. STC ratings are the gold standard in assessing the effectiveness of a soundproof door, so make sure you pick a door with a high STC rating.

The Importance of Seals

One of the often-overlooked aspects of installing a soundproof door is the door perimeter. Seals play a vital role in ensuring the soundproofing is effective. Automatic door bottom seals are an essential feature. They create a robust barrier against noise, essentially sealing the deal for your peace of mind.

Tiny Cracks, Big Impact

You might be surprised to learn that a tiny crack on the opposite side of the door can allow up to 50% of sound to infiltrate your space. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your soundproof door is installed perfectly, without any gaps or cracks. Sealing these spaces with acoustical clay caulk can make a significant difference in the door’s effectiveness.

Double Doors for Specialized Needs

If you’re in the market for something even more effective, consider investing in double doors with an air gap. These are a godsend for recording studios and offer an impressive STC 65 rating. With two layers of barriers, you’re getting nearly impenetrable silence.

Soundproof Door and Frame Symbiosis

While the door itself is critical, the frame it sits in is equally important. This is where your sound proof door will hang, and a poor frame can negate all your door’s good qualities.

Material Considerations

The material of your soundproof door also matters. Laminated or double-glazed options are better suited for keeping noise at bay compared to ordinary glass doors.

A Solution for Every Borough

Soundproofing needs may vary from a prewar coop in the Bronx to a semi-attached home in Staten Island, but the aim remains the same: achieving quiet and peace. Thankfully, companies like Hush offer sound proof door solutions that cater to the varied architectural nuances of all five boroughs.

So there you have it. A soundproof door is not just a door; it’s an investment in your quality of life.

Commercial Soundproofing Architecture New York

Commercial Soundproofing

Commercial Soundproofing Architecture New York

Commercial Soundproofing: Orchestrating Silence in New York’s Loudest Venues

When it comes to Commercial Soundproofing, New York City presents a unique challenge. Between airports, schools, arenas, and hospitals, the city is a melting pot of noise. Enter Ned Shatzer and the team at Hush, who are experts at turning any space—no matter how noisy—into a sanctuary of silence.

The Elegance of Acoustic Paneling in Vast Spaces

Imagine trying to hear a pin drop in an airport or catching every word of a lecture in a large auditorium. Sounds impossible, right? Not with acoustic paneling. These aren’t just decorative—they’re functional. Place them around the room, throw in some metal, wood, or gypsum diffusers, and you’ve got an environment where sound is controlled and clear.

Educational Spaces Deserve Quiet, Too

Schools shouldn’t be places where kids strain to hear their teachers over echoing gym or cafeteria noise. With Hush’s Commercial Soundproofing expertise, schools transform into ideal settings for learning and development.

Airports: Commercial Soundproofing for Departures and Arrivals

Airports are always busy. Trying to hear yourself think, let alone someone else talk, can be a real task. That’s where drop ceiling commercial soundproofing can work wonders. A few adjustments above, and the acoustics make communication easier.

Hospital Soundscapes: Not Just White Noise

The privacy of a hospital room is crucial—both for well-being and confidentiality. Ned Shatzer and the Hush team excel at this, offering everything from door soundproofing to sound-absorbing curtains that keep conversations private and patients comfortable.

The HVAC Factor in Commercial Soundproofing

Let’s not ignore the HVAC systems. Though easily overlooked, the hum and whir of air conditioning can add to a building’s overall noise. A little Commercial Soundproofing goes a long way in making the HVAC system less of a distraction and more of a silent utility.

In essence, Commercial Soundproofing is not just an extra—it’s essential. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, and stretching out to Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, Hush is making New York a quieter place to live, one building at a time.

New York Soundproofing for all 5 boroughs

New York Soundproofing

New York Soundproofing for all 5 boroughs

New York Soundproofing: Five Boroughs with a Symphony of Solutions

New York Soundproofing: a mosaic of architectural diversity where each borough plays its own tune. However, the harmonies that resonate through the streets aren’t always welcomed within our walls. To address this city-wide challenge, experts like Ned Shatzer and his team at Hush are leading the way in acoustic solutions. So, how does soundproofing differ across the five boroughs? Let’s embark on this acoustic journey with Hush.

Manhattan Soundproofing: The Concrete Jungle Quieted

In Manhattan, a jungle of steel and glass houses a fascinating mix of modern high-rises and classic brownstones. The challenge here? Structural vibration in towering skyscrapers and inadequate door soundproofing. Damping materials like viscoelastic compounds and specialized decoupling techniques are often employed to minimize noise disruptions. New York Soundproofing in Manhattan often involves an intricate mix of materials and techniques.

Brooklyn Soundproofing: From Brownstones to Lofts

The cultural richness of Brooklyn extends to its buildings. Whether it’s a charming brownstone or a chic loft, each poses unique challenges for New York Soundproofing. For brownstones, heavy brick and layering techniques like Mass Loaded Vinyl can provide some respite from the city’s buzz.

Queens Soundproofing: Where Joists and Plaster Shine

In Queens, wooden joist and brick walls often grace the interiors of homes. The heavy oak floors found in many homes make for decent natural sound barriers. However, achieving that extra layer of quiet often involves New York Soundproofing with complex layering and advanced materials.

The Bronx Soundproofing: Prewar Perfection

What sets The Bronx apart are the prewar co-ops, boasting horsehair plaster known for its incredible acoustical absorption. Paired with the borough’s traditionally heavier wooden joists, soundproofing in The Bronx becomes a tale of leveraging existing structures to combat noise effectively.

Staten Island Soundproofing: Challenges and Solutions

Staten Island offers unique challenges with its semi-attached houses and Queen Anne-style homes. The gaps between such constructions can become highways for unwanted sound. Thankfully, advanced New York Soundproofing techniques can isolate you from the noise of even the closest neighbors.

Harmonizing New York Soundproofing Across the Five Boroughs

While Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island each have their distinct architectural styles and challenges, the fundamentals of soundproofing remain consistent: layering, mass, and decoupling. No matter your borough, modern solutions can keep the music of the city outside where it belongs.

So there you have it, a symphony of soundproofing solutions tailored to each of New York’s iconic boroughs. No matter where you lay your head, peace can be yours, one decoupled, well-insulated wall at a time.

Staten Island Soundproofing for Semi Attached Queen Anne Style Homes

Staten Island Soundproofing

Staten Island Soundproofing for Semi Attached Queen Anne Style Homes

Staten Island Soundproofing: The Art of Silence in a Remote Borough

Staten Island Soundproofing kicks off our conversation on the tranquil spaces we all crave. This borough, a treasure of family, ferries, and historic homes, is not immune to the sounds of urban life. Fortunately, under the guidance of Acoustical Consultant Ned Shatzer and his adept team at Hush, Staten Island is learning to whisper.

Understanding STC Ratings: The Gold Standard in Staten Island Soundproofing

Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings are crucial when it comes to understanding how well a building element can block sound. The higher the STC rating, the less noise seeps through. Staten Island Sound proofing specializes in helping residents maximize their STC ratings, whether they are dealing with external street noise or internal family noise.

Queen Anne-Style Homes and STC Ratings

The Queen Anne-style homes may look like something out of a fairy tale, but their soundproofing qualities can sometimes resemble more of a horror story. The complexities of their design often require specialized Staten Island Soundproofing solutions. By optimizing STC ratings in these homes, Hush offers residents the proverbial ‘happily ever after.’

Semi-Attached Houses: An STC Challenge

When one house becomes two, the wall or floor separating them becomes an acoustic challenge with a capital ‘C.’ Hush rises to the occasion, improving STC ratings through specialized decoupling techniques, ensuring both households can enjoy their spaces in peace.

The Value of Plaster in Staten Island Soundproofing

The widespread use of plaster in Staten Island homes is a soundproofing asset. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, plaster contributes to higher STC ratings, serving as an extra line of defense against noise. By combining plaster’s natural qualities with modern decoupling techniques, sound proofing achieves sound isolation that feels almost magical.

The Big Apple’s Quest for Quiet

Staten Island Soundproofing doesn’t operate in a vacuum. From the steel-framed heights of Manhattan to the prewar coops of the Bronx, the brownstones of Brooklyn, and the suburban allure of Queens, Hush’s commitment to acoustic perfection extends across the five boroughs.

In the end, whether you’re ensconced in a historic Queen Anne home or a semi-attached modern build, Staten Island Sound proofing provides a tranquil retreat from the city’s perpetual hustle. Turn to Hush for a home that doesn’t just look good, but sounds good too.

The Bronx Soundproofing in prewar Coop City

The Bronx Soundproofing

The Bronx Soundproofing in prewar Coop City

The Bronx Soundproofing: Where History and Acoustics Intersect

The Bronx Soundproofing is more than a concept; it’s an essential part of living well in this lively borough. Between the hustle and bustle of daily life, we all crave that oasis of calm when we finally make it back home. That’s where the experts at Hush, led by Acoustical Consultant Ned Shatzer, offer solutions as unique as the Bronx itself.

Prewar Coops: The Secret Acoustic Blessings

There’s something almost poetic about the prewar coops in the Bronx. It’s not just their charming architecture; it’s the inherent tranquility provided by the horsehair plaster. Yes, you read that right: horsehair. This old-world material excels in sound absorption and isolation, and it’s The Bronx Soundproofing secret weapon.

The Underestimated Isolator: Postwar Wire Mesh Plaster

While postwar buildings may lack the romantic allure of their prewar counterparts, they make up for it in substance. Wire mesh plaster serves as a robust sound isolator, and when amplified by Hush’s advanced decoupling techniques, it’s a game-changer for The Bronx Soundproofing.

The Robust World of Wooden Joists

One of the benefits of older construction in the Bronx is the use of heavier wooden joists. Though not perfectly spaced, they offer both structural and acoustic advantages. More mass equates to better soundproofing, making these sturdy structures a critical component in effective The Bronx Soundproofing.

New Construction: A Different Beast

Let’s not kid ourselves; newer constructions can be a bit of an acoustic challenge. The lighter, more evenly spaced joists don’t quite have the soundproofing chops their older counterparts do. But there are always solutions. Filling in the physical gaps in newer construction can create a big difference in sound transmission.

The Bronx Soundproofing Tale of Five Boroughs

The Bronx Soundproofing is part of a larger tapestry that stretches across the city—from the steel high-rises of Manhattan to the historic brownstones in Brooklyn, and the suburban homes in Queens and Staten Island. Each borough presents its unique challenges, and Ned Shatzer’s team at Hush is here to tailor solutions for them all.

So, whether you’re fortunate enough to reside in a prewar coop or you’re navigating the acoustic complexities of newer construction, The Bronx Soundproofing has got your peace and quiet covered.

Manhattan Soundproofing Skyscrapers Steel structures

Manhattan Soundproofing

Manhattan Soundproofing Skyscrapers Steel structures

Manhattan Soundproofing: Navigating the Sound Maze in the Skyline

The Symphony of Steel in Manhattan Sound Proofing

Manhattan Soundproofing: a towering testament to human ingenuity where steel structures grace the sky. But while living in the clouds has its advantages, soundproofing isn’t naturally one of them. The use of steel, while strong and durable, presents unique challenges in acoustical treatment. That’s where Hush Soundproofing takes center stage.

Manhattan Soundproofing, Structural Vibration: The Invisible Sound Culprit

Structural vibration is a unique challenge in high-rise buildings. That’s why damping materials like viscoelastic compounds are used in sound proofing. This material works wonders by converting vibrational energy into low-grade heat, ensuring your apartment remains a haven of peace.

Decoupling: Creating Architectural Silence

In many of these skyscraping steel homes, soundproofing can require separating an existing structure from the new construction. This is called decoupling. Through this technique, Manhattan Soundproofing professionals can effectively prevent sound from traveling between walls, floors, or ceilings.

Drywall vs. Plaster: A Tale of Two Materials

There’s a clear dichotomy between Manhattan’s older co-op buildings and new high-rises. While co-op units often feature plaster, newer constructions prefer drywall. Each material has its pros and cons when it comes to soundproofing, but rest assured, Manhattan Soundproofing techniques can optimize both.

The ’80s Building Syndrome in Manhattan Soundproofing

Many buildings from the 1980s suffer from poor soundproofing due to corners cut during their construction. Large gaps around plumbing, HVAC systems, and electrical installations are often the culprits. Manhattan Soundproofing experts specialize in identifying these weak spots and fortifying them for ultimate quiet.

A Quick Nod to the Other Boroughs

While Manhattan has its unique challenges, let’s not forget that Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island each have their own acoustical hurdles to jump. From Queens’ wooden joist and brick walls to Brooklyn’s brownstones, every borough demands its unique soundproofing solutions.

The Future of Manhattan Soundproofing

As our skyline continues to evolve, so do our soundproofing methods. It’s not just about keeping out the noise; it’s about creating a space where you can truly live, work, and find your peace. So whether you reside in a historical co-op or a brand-new skyscraper, Manhattan Soundproofing has the expertise to make your home a sanctuary.

Let’s make the high life in Manhattan not just about the views but also about embracing silence amid the city’s ever-present hum.

queens soundproofing, middle village new york

Queens Soundproofing

queens soundproofing, middle village new york

Queens Soundproofing: Striking the Balance Between Serenity and City Life

Queens Soundproofing is nothing short of a cultural tapestry, a mix of old and new that’s hard to find elsewhere. But in a world as varied as this, noise can be the unwelcome constant. That’s where Hush comes to the rescue, offering renowned solutions in sound proofing that locals have come to trust.

The Ceiling: Your Unsung Ally in Queens Soundproofing

Did you know your ceiling could do much more than be a fifth wall? When it comes to sound proofing, the ceiling is not just an afterthought—it’s a fortress. With a staggering 14 layers of meticulously selected soundproofing materials, Hush creates a ceiling that doesn’t just mute the external chaos but annihilates it.

Architectural Nuance: The Role of Wood and Brick in Queens Soundproofing

In Queens, architectural features like wooden joists and brick walls are not merely stylistic choices; they’re markers of a rich history. However, their natural soundproofing qualities are often inadequate. Experts in Queens Soundproofing deploy a nuanced approach, ensuring your building’s character remains untouched while enhancing its acoustic environment.

Tactical Layering: The Science of Soundproofing Oak Floors

When it comes to tackling those oak floors in Queens homes, the methodology behind Floor Soundproofing resembles a well-executed strategy. A strategic layering of Mass Loaded Vinyl, sheetrock, and concrete board turns your floor into an almost impenetrable barrier against noise. It’s where precision meets purpose.

Plaster Walls: The Old Guard in Queens Soundproofing

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a home with plaster walls, you’re already a step ahead in the sound proofing game. The professionals at Hush take this traditional element and optimize it with modern soundproofing techniques. The result? A home where both history and tranquility coexist.

Soundproofing Across The Five Boroughs

Let’s be clear: noise pollution is a city-wide issue, extending its reach from the urban heart of Manhattan to the far corners of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Hush makes it their mission to bring peace across the entire cityscape, not just in Queens.

Whether you reside in a historically rich building or a sleek, modern apartment, Queens Soundproofing by Hush is more than a service—it’s a quality-of-life upgrade. Let’s preserve the complexity of Queens while refining its auditory experience.

Brooklyn Soundproofing in Brownstone NYC

Brooklyn Soundproofing

Brooklyn Soundproofing in Brownstone NYC

Brooklyn Soundproofing: Where Old Meets New in the Quest for Quiet

You’ve got to love Brooklyn Soundproofing. It’s an intoxicating mix of old-world charm and modern sophistication. But there’s one thing that can ruin this urban paradise: noise. Cue the experts at Hush, the go-to for solutions that meet the borough’s unique architectural needs. Leading the way is Acoustical Consultant and owner of Hush, Ned Shatzer, whose deep-rooted expertise has been honed over 20 years as a Night Club owner and Music Producer.

The Quiet Charm of Brownstones in Brooklyn Soundproofing

Ah, the brownstones. Those charming, 19th-century row houses are as Brooklyn as it gets. While these structures offer some degree of sound insulation thanks to their brick walls, it’s often not enough for the modern city dweller. That’s where the experts come in. Hush’s decoupling techniques are a game-changer, creating a necessary separation between walls and disrupting the pathways of those pesky sound waves.

Layering: The Ultimate Sound Barrier

If you’re an audiophile living in a brownstone, you’ve got your work cut out for you. A smart tactic involves combining Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) with sheetrock, concrete board, or even plywood. The result is a wall so adept at keeping sound out, you’d think it had a PhD in “quietology.” The expertise of Brooklyn Soundproofing by Hush in crafting these layers without compromising the aesthetics is truly commendable.

New Construction and Its Challenges

Metal-framed buildings are becoming increasingly common here. Durable? Yes. Sleek? Absolutely. Quiet? Not so much. The metal framing is lighter and, therefore, less efficient at blocking out sound. However, experts at Hush know how to work their magic—special acoustical materials and techniques—to make these modern marvels sanctuaries of quiet.

When the Past and Present Merge in Brooklyn Soundproofing

If your home has plaster walls, consider yourself lucky. Plaster is fantastic at dampening sound. Specialists at Hush love pairing this old-world gem with contemporary techniques. Using modern decoupling methods or layering with Mass Loaded Vinyl and sheetrock, they maximize the sound-dampening qualities of the plaster.

A Tale of Five Boroughs

Brooklyn Soundproofing isn’t just an isolated phenomenon. From the skyscraper canyons of Manhattan to the residential corners of Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx, each borough has its unique set of acoustic challenges. Hush provides solutions not just in Brooklyn, but wherever you are in this great city, making it quieter one room at a time.

So whether you’re a Brooklynite living in a historic brownstone or in a brand-new metal-framed apartment, Brooklyn Soundproofing has a solution for you. Let’s keep the vibrant culture of Brooklyn alive—just a little quieter.

Ceiling Baffles Installation New York Hush

Acoustic Panels

Ceiling Baffles Installation New York Hush

Acoustic Panels: Expert Acoustic Wall Panel Installation in New York

New York City thrives on sound, but that doesn’t mean your office space should suffer; our Acoustic Panels offer the perfect solution. As leading experts in Acoustic Wall Panel Installation, we apply empirical acoustic engineering methods to deliver functional solutions for your distinct challenges. Our hands-on experience makes sure that our Sound Panels and Ceiling Baffles offer effective, real-world benefits.

Acoustic Panels NYC Installation Ceiling Acoustics, Office Soundproofing

Acoustic Panel Types: The Backbone of Our Acoustic Wall Panel Installation in NYC

Mineral Wool Filled Acoustic Panels

Our Hush Panels filled with mineral wool are the go-to choice for effective noise reduction in a variety of settings. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ranging from .85-.95, these panels are framed in either wood or metal, making them both versatile and highly effective.

Mounting Panels: Your Choices in NYC

Acoustic Wall Panel Installation methods vary. You can opt for ceiling-mounted options using either aircraft cable or z-clips. The mounting choice is yours, and either way, you’re guaranteed superior sound control.

Ceiling Baffles: An Elegant Ceiling Treatment for Echoic Clarity

Metal-Framed Ceiling Baffles

Ceiling Baffles serve a dual purpose—practical sound absorption and stylish design. Our metal-framed Ceiling Baffles can be set in a grid pattern or suspended via aircraft cables. They offer an NRC range of .80-.90 and blend seamlessly into your décor.

Ceiling Baffles: Where Style Meets Acoustic Wall Panel Installation

The aesthetic allure of Ceiling Baffles is undeniable. These functional yet stylish options bring more than just sound control to your spaces. They add an extra layer of design sophistication to any Installation.

Slatted Diffusor Panels, Acoustic Panels Installation

Slatted Diffusor Panels: Beyond Conventional Boundaries

Introducing our Slatted Diffusor Panels—a mix of wooden diffusers and 2″ compressed mineral wool fill. Covered in Guilford of Maine fabric, these panels offer an unparalleled NRC of .95-1.00. They not only manage sound effectively but also add an artistic touch to your space.


Opting for Hush’s Acoustic Wall Panel Installation services in New York City means you’re getting a precise, professional approach, deeply grounded in acoustic engineering expertise. We evaluate and develop treatments for each aspect of your environment, from Acoustic Panels and Ceiling Baffles to other architectural elements. The solutions we provide aren’t just theoretical; they prove their worth in everyday settings.