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Our soundproofing company is passionate about wall and ceiling soundproofing NYC and looking to do good in our community.

Professional Soundproofing NYC: New York City is a noisy place to be, if you’re looking for a soundproofing contractor to soundproof a ceiling, wall, floor or entire apartment, we can help find an optimal treatment catered to your noise reduction goals. New York Soundproofing is our main focus, we don’t take on anything that is not noise reduction related.

Soundproofing New York requires multiple layers of dense materials and we use all of the highest quality soundproof materials available. Quietrock, Mass Loaded Vinyl, Green Glue, Resilient Isolation clips, Rockwool SafenSound… are just few of the best soundproofing materials we use in every treatment.

If you have loud neighbors above you stomping around, there’s a person gaming next door, you hear conversation clearly… we have heard it all, you came to the right place, we can help with any new york soundproofing issue you may have.

We are Soundproofing Contractors with a very specific goal in mind, Soundproofing Apartments in NYC.

Why Hush Soundproofing


Looking To Do Good

Soundproof Ceiling NYC


New York Soundproofing: Nearly 80% of our work is ceiling soundproofing for impact noise from foot fall above, we use decoupling techniques in combination with Rockwool Safe and Sound to achieve the highest quality treatment available in New York.

Wall Soundproofing NYC, Hush


Soundproof drywall installation NYC: When we soundproof a wall we pay attention to the details… Is sound going to transfer through the top of the wall from the ceiling? Is there any duct work? Electrical boxes? Light Switches?

Floor Soundproofing NYC


Every noise reduction job is unique for our soundproofing company, floors are difficult, with limited space, the soundproofing material we use needs to serve dual purpose, help with impact vibration + blocking frequency between 150hz-20kz


A lot of our clients ask us to help soundproof windows and doors, 7 out of 10 need weather stripping to stop sound transmission from a hallway. The smallest crack in a door can allow a 50% increase in sound to pass and make our lives miserable

Acoustic Panels NYC Installation Ceiling Acoustics, Office Soundproofing

Acoustical Panels

Room reflection is a problem in a office or restaurant setting, Without proper acoustics in a room, sound will reflect from wall to floor to ceiling, these sounds amplify and have a slight delay, they confuse our brain and make it hard to concentrate or understand a coworker, this is called speech intelligibility

Recording Studio Soundproofing NYC Hush Vocal Booth, Control Room

Recording Studios

We come from engineering and production backgrounds, having the opportunity to work in the most renowned studios in the world, now we help others realize their vision. Floating floors, Iso-booths, RWAR, acoustics


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