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Wall Soundproofing by Hush NYC: The Soundproof Walls Revolution in Urban Living

Sick of the non-stop NYC noise seeping into your sanctuary? Our wall soundproofing services are engineered to give your living space the serenity it deserves. Here’s the blueprint for how we’re going to upgrade your Soundproof Walls game:

Average Cost: $6,000.-$12,000. per room

Soundproof Walls Dumbo, Wall Soundproofing

Step 1: No Gaps Left Behind: Wall Sound proofing Essentials

The process begins with a detailed inspection of the walls. Any imperfections found are meticulously sealed, laying a solid foundation for the soundproofing..

Step 2: More Than Just Outlets: Electrical Box and Switch Sealing

Special attention is given to sealing areas around electrical boxes and switches. This step is crucial for enhancing the overall effectiveness of the wall soundproofing.

Step 3: Framing Sound proof Walls: Independent Structures for Advanced Sound proofing

A new frame is installed to enhance the soundproofing capabilities. This provides an extra layer of noise protection, a key aspect of wall sound proofing.

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Step 4: Insulation for the Informed: Opting for Soundproof Insulation

Select insulation materials are used to maximize noise reduction. This step is pivotal in achieving effective wall sound proofing

Step 5: Density Diversification: The Multi-Layer Strategy for Wall Soundproofing

We’re talking layers, and not just one or two. A strategic application of multiple soundproofing materials is employed to block a range of noise frequencies.

Wall Soundproofing Prospect Park, Brooklyn Soundproof Walls

Step 6: Finally, Soundproof Walls: Acoustical Caulk, Finishing, and Painting

Last but not least, we seal the deal with acoustical caulk to ensure airtight sound proof walls. Then it’s on to the aesthetic finishing touches: painting and surface finishing to ensure that your wall doesn’t just function better—it looks better too.

By partnering with Hush Soundproofing NYC, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re making a lifestyle choice. Enjoy the newfound peace and quiet, without sacrificing the energetic NYC vibe you love.