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Sound Absorbing Panels help control reflection or echo in a room. Many different materials such as mineral wool insulation, open cell foam, blankets, fabrics… all have some sort of acoustical value, depending on the frequencies that need to be absorbed. Acoustic Panels help control echo and reverberation in a room.

Most commonly used to resolve speech intelligibility issues in commercial soundproofing treatments. Most panels are constructed with a wooden frame, filled with sound absorption material (mineral wool, fiber glass, cellulose, open cell foam, or combination of) and wrapped with fabric. Acoustic Panels are also referred to as Sound Absorption Panels, Soundproof Panels, or Sound Panels.

We offer a wide range of Office Soundproofing Solutions in New York City. Sound Absorbing Panels, Wooden Acoustic Diffusers, Glass Door Soundproofing Treatments, Soundproof Phone Booths, Soundproof Panels… If your office is loud, too much conference room reflection, sound absorption tiles will help reduce unwanted noise.

Acoustic Panels, Sound Absorbing Panels, Soundproofing Panels, Soundproof Panels, Sound Panels,

Commercial Installation | Soundproofing Panels

We offer several types of sound panels as a soundproofing solution for your office. The panels are constructed with a wooden frame, the frame has a chamfered, round, or square finish. Is some instances crossbars and other hardware are used to strengthen the durability of the acoustic panel. Panels are filled with, mineral wool (Rockwool), Sheep’s wool (Havelock), open cell foam (Auralex), compacted cellulose or other dense sound absorbing material.

We design custom sound panels to fit your needs, Wooden CNC cut diffuser panels for glass window reflection issues, sleek, modern and effective sound deflection designs strategically placed to minimize reflection. Custom conference room echo reducing wall treatments, sound absorbing panels… contact us for a acoustic panel office soundproofing quote.