Brooklyn Soundproofing in Brownstone NYC

Brooklyn Soundproofing

Brooklyn Soundproofing: Where Old Meets New in the Quest for Quiet

You’ve got to love Brooklyn Soundproofing. It’s an intoxicating mix of old-world charm and modern sophistication. But there’s one thing that can ruin this urban paradise: noise. Cue the experts at Hush, the go-to for solutions that meet the borough’s unique architectural needs. Leading the way is Acoustical Consultant and owner of Hush, Ned Shatzer, whose deep-rooted expertise has been honed over 20 years as a Night Club owner and Music Producer.

The Quiet Charm of Brownstones in Brooklyn Soundproofing

Ah, the brownstones. Those charming, 19th-century row houses are as Brooklyn as it gets. While these structures offer some degree of sound insulation thanks to their brick walls, it’s often not enough for the modern city dweller. That’s where the experts come in. Hush’s decoupling techniques are a game-changer, creating a necessary separation between walls and disrupting the pathways of those pesky sound waves.

Layering: The Ultimate Sound Barrier

If you’re an audiophile living in a brownstone, you’ve got your work cut out for you. A smart tactic involves combining Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) with sheetrock, concrete board, or even plywood. The result is a wall so adept at keeping sound out, you’d think it had a PhD in “quietology.” The expertise of Brooklyn Soundproofing by Hush in crafting these layers without compromising the aesthetics is truly commendable.

New Construction and Its Challenges

Metal-framed buildings are becoming increasingly common here. Durable? Yes. Sleek? Absolutely. Quiet? Not so much. The metal framing is lighter and, therefore, less efficient at blocking out sound. However, experts at Hush know how to work their magic—special acoustical materials and techniques—to make these modern marvels sanctuaries of quiet.

When the Past and Present Merge in Brooklyn Soundproofing

If your home has plaster walls, consider yourself lucky. Plaster is fantastic at dampening sound. Specialists at Hush love pairing this old-world gem with contemporary techniques. Using modern decoupling methods or layering with Mass Loaded Vinyl and sheetrock, they maximize the sound-dampening qualities of the plaster.

A Tale of Five Boroughs

Brooklyn Soundproofing isn’t just an isolated phenomenon. From the skyscraper canyons of Manhattan to the residential corners of Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx, each borough has its unique set of acoustic challenges. Hush provides solutions not just in Brooklyn, but wherever you are in this great city, making it quieter one room at a time.

So whether you’re a Brooklynite living in a historic brownstone or in a brand-new metal-framed apartment, Brooklyn Soundproofing has a solution for you. Let’s keep the vibrant culture of Brooklyn alive—just a little quieter.

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