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Hush Soundproofing NYC: Hush New York City is looking to do good in our community.

Professional Soundproofing NYC with HUSH: Find Your Peace Amid the Noise

Hush Soundproofing NYC is located at 298 North 7th Street, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11211. We offer solutions for the relentless noise of New York City. Looking for apartment soundproofing, walls, ceilings or floors? That’s our thing. We don’t dabble; noise reduction is all we do. Our team are professional soundproofing contractors. We’ll custom-fit a solution that’s just right for you, be it a noisy ceiling, chatty neighbor, or the full apartment package.

Solutions That Actually Work

Noise in the city comes in all flavors: footsteps, loud music, you name it. We’ve heard it all and fixed it all. At Hush, we take a deep dive into your specific noise issues and map out a tailored fix. No generic, one-size-fits-all nonsense here.

Soundproofing NYC with the Best Materials

Cheap fixes won’t do in a city this loud. We go for gold with top-tier materials like Quietrock, Mass Loaded Vinyl, Denim Insulation and Green Glue. Teamed up with Resilient Isolation Clips and Rockwool Safe’n’Sound, we deliver results that last.

Experience You Can Trust

Been there, fixed that. From thumping bass next door to squeaky floors above, we’ve tackled all sorts of noise complaints. So, rest easy; you’re in expert hands. Read more about Soundproofing NYC on Brick Underground.

Apartment-to-Apartment Soundproofing Specialization

The Hush NYC specialty? Sound Isolation. Keeping your apartment your sanctuary, free from the sounds of the neighbors. We’re laser-focused on reducing noise between units, using strict standards and cutting-edge apartment sound proofing techniques.

Soundproofing NYC: Consistency Is Key

Our game plan marries expertise with top-notch sound proofing materials and a sprinkle of customization. The outcome is not just a quieter home but a better quality of life. Our client testimonials back us up on that. Check out Hush’s reviews on Google.

Hush is Leading the Game

Hush is more than just NYC soundproofing contractors; we’re pioneers in the realm of noise reduction across all five boroughs of New YorkManhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Using top-tier materials, we’re elevating the standard for soundproof living in this vibrant city. Proud to be a Sustaining Member of INCE.

Searching for peace in a city that’s always on? You’ve found us, and we’re serious about making your life quieter. Let’s get started.

Why Hush Soundproofing


Looking To Do Good

Soundproof Ceiling NYC Hush


In the New York Sound Proofing Arena, you’ll find us mostly up in the air—ceiling work makes up nearly 80% of our projects. We’re mainly grappling with impact noise, usually those pesky footsteps from the floor above. To combat this, we use specialized decoupling techniques. What does that mean? Simply put, we ‘unhook’ the ceiling from the structure above, reducing how much noise gets through. But we’re not stopping there. We amp it up by bringing in Rockwool SafenSound insulation, engineered to gobble up and mute sound. This extra layer ensures your peace and quiet. The result? Top-notch ceiling soundproofing that stands as the gold standard in New York. READ MORE

Wall Soundproofing NYC, Hush


Soundproof Drywall Installation NYC: In our world, we’re not just throwing up insulation and calling it good. We focus on the details that make a difference. That spot where your wall meets the ceiling? It’s a hidden source of noise leak, and we’ve got it covered. Ductwork isn’t just an air passage; it’s also a pathway for noise that we effectively seal off. And those seemingly minor details like electrical boxes and light switches? They can act as small sound gates if overlooked. We take care of all these factors to ensure our wall sound proofing is not just solid, but built to last. READ MORE

Floor Soundproofing NYC


In the intricate world of sound proofing, each job is its own puzzle, and floors are particularly demanding. Given the confined space, the materials we use have to multitask—damping vibrations from footfall, while also shielding against sound frequencies that range from 150Hz to 20kHz. It’s a complex undertaking, but one that we’ve honed to near-perfection. The result? High-quality sound proofing that makes your New York Soundproofing experience a bit more tranquil. READ MORE


When it comes to sound proofing doors and windows, 70% of our clients are surprisingly in need of something as simple as door soundproofing around the perimeter to halt the noise streaming in from hallways . Don’t underestimate the power of a tiny gap—a small crack can boost incoming sound by a staggering 50%, turning your sanctuary into a sound stage. We’re pros at spotting these vulnerabilities and sealing them up, so your peace isn’t compromised. READ MORE

Acoustic Panels NYC Installation Ceiling Acoustics, Office Soundproofing

Acoustic Panels

In workspaces and restaurants, room reflection isn’t just a quirky acoustic phenomenon—it’s a concentration killer. Picture this: sound ricocheting from wall to floor to ceiling, amplifying and lagging just enough to throw your brain into a loop. This isn’t a sci-fi plot; it’s what we in the industry call ‘speech intelligibility.’ Without the right acoustics, you’re not just straining to hear your coworker’s latest pitch—you’re fighting against a room designed to make comprehension a chore. Acoustic Panels are here to rewrite that script and turn cacophony into clarity. READ MORE

Recording Studio Soundproofing NYC Hush Vocal Booth, Control Room

Recording Studios

Coming from a background in engineering and production, we’ve had the privilege of working in some pretty reputable studios. Now, we’re using that know-how to make your acoustic dreams a reality. Whether it’s floating floors, Iso-booths, or getting the acoustics just right, we’re here to help you achieve the sound space you’ve envisioned. READ MORE


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