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Ceiling Soundproofing by Hush: Your NYC Sanctuary, Upgraded

Ceiling Soundproofing Hush NYC Soundproof Ceiling

So, you love the buzz of New York City but not when you’re trying to catch some z’s, right? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Our ceiling soundproofing services are engineered to give you that peace and quiet you crave. Let’s break down how we turn your home into an oasis amidst the NYC chaos. Watch the video here

Average Cost: $15,000.-$25,000. per room

Step 1: Ultra Precise Gap-Sealing for a Truly Soundproof Ceiling

Right off the bat, our skilled crew is on it, examining your ceiling as if it were a piece of fine art. We’ve got top-of-the-line soundproofing materials like acoustical caulk and spray foam to make sure every millimeter is sealed up tight. Don’t underestimate the little stuff; even a tiny hole can wreak havoc on your soundproof ceiling. Our team is trained to look for imperfections around all pipes, ductwork, and electrical holes to ensure 100% coverage.

Step 2: Next-Level Ceiling Soundproofing with Advanced Damping Techniques

Once the basics are covered, we step up the game. We’re talking elite-level soundproof clay for your electrical outlets and boxes. Got HVAC ductwork? We wrap that in neoprene insulation, and for advanced cases, we add sound-damping sheets to tackle those annoying resonating frequencies. We also layer up your ceiling subfloor with Mass Loaded Vinyl and double-sheetrock, strategically placed between joists. You could say we’re the perfectionists of ceiling soundproofing.

Step 3: Insulate to Elevate Your Soundproof Ceiling Game

Up next, we’re layering in the Rockwool Soundproof Insulation, custom-fit for every nook, cranny, and corner of your space. But wait, there’s more! We offer different density variations like Rockwool Comfortbatt and Safensound to tackle multiple sound frequencies. This not only barricades you from the New York noise but might even save you some dough on your energy bills.

Ceiling Soundproofing by Hush, Soundproof resilient isolation clips

Step 4: NYC-Style Decoupling to Minimize Vibration

Now comes the magic part: decoupling. This isn’t just tech talk—it’s a game-changer for ceiling soundproofing. We use Resilient Isolation Clips in a unique, staggered design, ensuring even weight distribution. Next, we install the Resilient Isolation Channel, clicking it easily into the clips, cutting down on vibration transfer in a big way.

Step 5: Masterclass in Drywall—New York Edition

Our team will lay down the first layer of soundproof drywall with finesse, using specialized, fine-thread screws. We’re talking about precision work here to avoid piercing a stud or joist, which can be a disaster for soundproofing.

Step 6: Green Glue vs. MLV: Your Personalized Ceiling Soundproofing Match-Up

Your choice: Green Glue or Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). Each has its pros and cons, and we’re here to help you choose the best fit for your space. If you’re looking for maximum vibration reduction, MLV often comes out as the champ in our books.

Step 7: Skim Coat Level 5: The Finishing School of Ceiling Soundproofing

We top it off with a Level 5 Skim Coat. This isn’t just a finishing touch; it’s the cloak of invincibility for your soundproof ceiling. The skim coat adds an additional layer of mass, completely sealing in all the previous layers and giving your ceiling that sophisticated, sleek New York look.

Choosing Hush Soundproofing NYC isn’t just a purchase—it’s an investment in high-quality living. From the first phone call to the final inspection, our specialized crew takes care of each step. We ensure your soundproof ceiling isn’t just a project; it’s a lifetime ticket to peace and tranquility in the city that never sleeps.