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Soundproof Door

Soundproof Door: The Key to Inner Peace in a Noisy City

Imagine living in New York City, and yet enjoying absolute quiet as soon as you close your door. With a soundproof door, this dream can become a reality. Sound proof doors are more than just slabs of wood or metal; they\’re meticulously engineered barriers that shut out unwanted noise, enhancing your living experience. Ned Shatzer and the team at Hush understand this all too well. Let\’s dive into the technicalities.

Understanding STC Ratings

An STC 55 door, typically three inches thick, can dramatically reduce external noise, providing an atmosphere conducive for relaxation, concentration, or creativity. STC ratings are the gold standard in assessing the effectiveness of a soundproof door, so make sure you pick a door with a high STC rating.

The Importance of Seals

One of the often-overlooked aspects of installing a soundproof door is the door perimeter. Seals play a vital role in ensuring the soundproofing is effective. Automatic door bottom seals are an essential feature. They create a robust barrier against noise, essentially sealing the deal for your peace of mind.

Tiny Cracks, Big Impact

You might be surprised to learn that a tiny crack on the opposite side of the door can allow up to 50% of sound to infiltrate your space. That\’s why it\’s crucial to ensure that your soundproof door is installed perfectly, without any gaps or cracks. Sealing these spaces with acoustical clay caulk can make a significant difference in the door\’s effectiveness.

Double Doors for Specialized Needs

If you\’re in the market for something even more effective, consider investing in double doors with an air gap. These are a godsend for recording studios and offer an impressive STC 65 rating. With two layers of barriers, you\’re getting nearly impenetrable silence.

Soundproof Door and Frame Symbiosis

While the door itself is critical, the frame it sits in is equally important. This is where your sound proof door will hang, and a poor frame can negate all your door\’s good qualities.

Material Considerations

The material of your soundproof door also matters. Laminated or double-glazed options are better suited for keeping noise at bay compared to ordinary glass doors.

A Solution for Every Borough

Soundproofing needs may vary from a prewar coop in the Bronx to a semi-attached home in Staten Island, but the aim remains the same: achieving quiet and peace. Thankfully, companies like Hush offer sound proof door solutions that cater to the varied architectural nuances of all five boroughs.

So there you have it. A soundproof door is not just a door; it\’s an investment in your quality of life.